Bringing the World's Favorite Basmati Rice to Your Table

SSIEL, recognized for its commitment to quality and heritage, is a leading name in both international and domest markets, offering the authentic taste & aroma of Finest Basmati Rice, cultivated with sustainable practices and enjoyed by families worldwide.

India's Largest Basmati Rice Processor & Exporter

SSIEL stands at the pinnacle of excellence and tradition. As India’s one of the largest exporters of Basmati rice, we unite cultures and celebrate diversity through exceptional rice. With almost 4 decades of unwavering commitment to quality, our family legacy has become a global symbol of premium rice. Now led by the third generation, we blend traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology to process and export over Three Hundred Thousand MTS annually. Our State-of-the-art facilities ensure every grain meets the highest standards.

SSIEL remains dedicated to the unity that rice symbolizes, bringing people together worldwide with each grain promising unparalleled quality. Experience exceptional rice from the house of SSIEL—a celebration of heritage and excellence.

  • Renowned for exceptional quality and timely delivery
  • Private labeling and customized packaging solutions
  • Serving over 200 B2B brands worldwide

SSIEL holds a special place in the hearts of customers worldwide, committed to building strong institutions, fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and promoting healthy business practices. Our journey began in the rice processing industry with a small rice mill in 1967. The pivotal moment came in 1985 with the formation of Shiv Shakti Rice Mill. In 2012, Shiv Shakti Inter Globe Exports Pvt. Ltd. was established, featuring an ultra-modern rice mill and a vision to bring the finest rice grains to homes globally. This vision quickly gained acceptance, leading to tremendous growth.

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Just look at how we craft each and every grain of our Basmati Rice

Raw Materials

We source the finest Basmati paddy from the fertile mandis of Haryana, Punjab, and Western UP.

Ageing of Rice

After harvest, the rice is carefully aged in our warehouses, ensuring it matures under optimal conditions.

Rice Cleaning

The rice undergoes a meticulous cleaning process, passing through pre-cleaners, de-stoners, and sizers.

Silky & Polish

In the rice chamber, treated water and air give the grains a smooth, polished finish.

Colour Sorting

Discoloured and damaged grains are removed, leaving only the best rice for the next step.


The sorted rice is then graded by length, ensuring uniformity and quality.


Finally, the pristine rice is packed in sizes ranging from 1 kg to 50kg, ready to reach kitchens worldwide.

SSIEL Global Presence

We represent our nation on the global Rice platform by exporting around 60 countries of the world

Our Brands

Leysha Basmati Rice

स्वाद और खुशबू की महफ़िल | Swaad Aur Khuhboo ki Mehfil

Leysha is our premium brand, set to become the flagship name in the FMCG domain. With a modern look and refined packaging, Leysha offers the finest Basmati rice, renowned for its exquisite aroma and delicate flavour. Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, our rice symbolises luxury and elegance, perfect for those seeking a superior culinary experience. Leysha is where tradition meets modernity, elevating every meal.

Victory Basmati Rice

Victory has been serving pure Indian Basmati rice since 2012, known for its nutty, floral, and mildly spicy flavour. Evolving in the foothills of the Himalayas, Basmati rice has a fragrant aroma and tender grains that remain individual when cooked. Victory offers a traditional taste of India, preserving the essence of authentic Basmati rice for those who cherish quality and purity.


What happening inside the SSIEL and the world of Basmati 

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