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At SSIEL, we believe in leadership that combines deep-rooted values with forward-thinking strategies. Our leader, Mr. Ramesh Chand Gupta epitomises this blend, guiding the company with wisdom and innovation

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“Our mission is to honour the heritage of Indian agriculture, ensuring that every grain of rice we produce tells a story of quality and trust.”

Mr Ramesh Chand Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Ramesh Chand Gupta has been the cornerstone of SSIEL’s journey towards excellence. With a vision deeply rooted in India’s rich agricultural heritage, he has dedicated over three decades to transforming the rice industry. His leadership ensures that every grain of Basmati rice reflects the purity and quality synonymous with SSIEL.

Mr. Ramesh Chand Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director

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Recognized 4-Star Export House by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India

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Shiv Shakti Inter Globe Export Pvt. Ltd. has been a pioneer company in the rice
business for more than 35 years.

Innovation is at the heart of our operations. We are committed to delivering unparalleled quality, ensuring that every grain of SSIEL rice embodies our dedication to excellence.”

Mr. Aman Gupta, Director

Mr. Aman Gupta
- Director

Mr. Aman Gupta, appointed as Director in 2012, has been instrumental in propelling SSIEL to new heights. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has embraced innovation and best practices, ensuring that our rice meets the highest global standards. His forward-thinking approach continues to drive SSIEL's commitment to excellence.

“We aim to bring the finest quality Basmati rice from farm to plate, using cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to maintain our legacy of excellence,”

– Mr Aman Gupta.

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Best Exporter of the year 2013 awarded by ASSOCHAM India

Best Initiative of the year – 2014 awarded by ASSOCHAM India

Best Exporter of the year 2015 awarded by ASSOCHAM India

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AT SSIEL our focus is always on consistent quality and safety through implementing the best practices and compliance of statutory and regulatory requirements.

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