SSIEL Commitment to Quality

Grain Test:

Company follows a unique quality check method the (PC) 2. PC Square stands for Precook + Post cook. The expert professionals meticulously test the rice in the in house quality lab. This model of PC square ensures that the product looks good cooks well and eventuate taste well.

Whiteness Test

Whiteness test is one of the important precook tests which demonstrate the degree of milling to achieve the best appearance and cooking results in whiteness.

Moisture Test

Is one of the critical parameters to be ensured within the defined limit to avoid any contamination due to high moisture, best cooking results and economically favorable.

Passion for excellence

Perseverance and endurance with no compromise to remain best in class. SSIEL is a global business driven company, which delivers a passion of high quality, great taste and innovation.

Length Test

Under precook and post cook, we focus on average length of the grain to ensure the proper elongation, separation and fluffiness on cooking in place of cooking in length.

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