SSIEL Introduction

We welcome you to the world of Shiv Shakti Inter Globe Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Shiv Shakti Inter Globe Exports Pvt. Ltd. the world’s largest exporter and miller of Indian Basmati Rice. Staying honest to our vision, we have been committed to supplying the highest grade of Rice for over 3 decades. Right from paddy to plate, each process has been designed to reflect our unique approach of honesty, sustainability and quality. SSIEL has made deep inroads in the premium quality international market with 95% of our trade volume.

Fundamental Beliefs That Have Driven Our Success Since 1985

Quality & Trust

Responsibility & Ownership

Leadership & Collaboration

Growth & Innovation

Honesty & Integrity

Sustainable Future

Taste the authentic Indian Basmati Rice only from the house of SSIEL

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